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The creator of The Issues series

Nicholas P

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The musical artist behind the music


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MAD FVN is the musical artist behind the songs Skeletons, People Are Strange, Chill, and Worth it.

MAD FVN found her voice in Brooklyn New York after graduating from the University Of The School of Arts in Philadelphia. 

Nicholas P is an 18x-time award-winning screenwriter. He started the Issues series at an early age as an artist and moved up to writing full time.

Nick Valens

Nick Valens was born on December 21, 1974, to his single mother Mary Jane. After his mother discovered she was pregnant with him, both his parents decided to get married. The marriage only lasted a day. Broken and not a father for her unborn child, Mary Jane is assisted by her older sister Deidre. Months later, Mary Jane gives birth to Nick and starts working as a waitress. It is at that time that Mary Jane meets Bob Valens, an upcoming contractor and single man. The relationship moves quickly but the marriage falls apart after Bob abuses Mary Jane and rapes her. In her last act of revenge, Mary Jane strikes Bob on his head but does not kill him but is arrested. A trial is set and Mary Jane is found not guilty. 

Fifteen years later, Nick is fifteen and is living in hell knowing his mother is a stripper and is constantly teased by other students at school. To take his mind off things, Nick steals $40 from his mother's purse and joins a boxing gym. Angry at first about the missing money, but happy her son has found something constructive; Mary Jane feels like she has accomplished something with Nick. During his first training session, Nick waits for his mother to show up but doesn't, due to her doing drugs with her boyfriend, Tom. Nick returns home but runs away after punching Tom out cold. 



 After a teenage boy is found mortally wounded in his own bedroom, a homeless woman and a
foreign girl runaway together. Shortly after, the girl frames the homeless woman for the assault on the
boy and the homeless woman seeks vengeance but learns that her new friend is working for a Russian


After a drug addicted teenage boy runs away with bank money, he is pursued by his criminal friends and an ex-marine. While living with a lawyer and her teenage daughter.


After a woman task force member is murdered, a lawyer, a book author and a convict come together to find the person responsible for their fallen family member.


An ex-gang member escapes from her sadistic gang leader, becomes a writer, and finds love.


A recipe for disaster starts when a young man starts a relationship with a lady escort and the two become the targets of a Russian mobster.


A woman ex-detective and a woman sociopath go head-to-head against each other. Making it head games.


A son endures hardships with his mother, deals with her sadistic ex-boyfriend, becomes a boxer and wins the heart of a beautiful waitress.


Two ex-waitresses become friends with a woman assassin. The two women rob a bank together but don't realize their new friend is setting out to kill them.


A couple of police detectives take on a drug cartel boss, a teenage drug dealer, and a drug mastermind. Ending in rescuing an infant baby girl.


An artist uncovers a secret journal owned by her deceased grandmother and discovers a dark family secret involving her deceased father.


A young man battles with his abusive father, his high school girlfriend, and raising his children.


A lady lawyer, a lady escort, and a lady gambling hustler battle corruption. Fight a corrupt government agent and a Russian mob boss.


A marine creates an alter-ego persona in his mind and becomes more dangerous to the woman he loves, including the people that have done him more harm than good.


A rookie cop’s one-night stand comes back to haunt him when his fling turns out to be a serial killer, threatens to end his current relationship and possibly even his life.


After killing his own father, a  gang leader must work for a ruthless drug cartel to protect his family and girlfriend.


After being left for dead, a housekeeper takes revenge on a group of men, and one by one, each experience their own punishment. With help from her cousin and down to one last guy, her cousin betrays her. 


After murdering her first Seargent, an ex-mercenary travels to America to wipe out the people responsible for her father's death.


After a serial killer escape’s during a transfer, three juvenile delinquents, two teenage girls and a boy are left at a secluded campsite. All three teenagers must work together and put their survival skills to the test to survive the killer or become his victims.